Monday, August 6, 2012

For our debut blog post, we at Agents Gone Wild are featuring two literary agents who lead unusual and shocking double lives: Jim McCarthy and Simon Trewin. Their colleagues and clients respect them, aspiring authors hang on their every word, but what we're about to share might change all of that.

Jim McCarthy: Senior Agent at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management in New York.

Not only does Jim McCarthy fight stingy publishers for client advances, he fights muscled men for the title of WWE Champion. Jim may appear mild mannered, chugging diet Coke and reading writers' manuscripts, but his professional wrestling name is Jimmy "The Python" McCarthy. He is known for strangling his opponents with his biceps, thighs, and even between his pecks until they pass out from lack of oxygen. Rumor has it, he put fellow agent Michael Bourret in a chokehold when Michael held a surprise intervention for Jim's diet Coke addiction. According to an unnamed source, he whispered in Michael's ear, "No one comes between me and my Coke. No one." He released Michael only after agent Stacey Glick promised to buy him a twelve pack of diet coke every day for three months. And Jimmy "The Python" McCarthy did it all with a pleasant smile on his face and his glasses in place. Look at him. What a monster.

Simon Trewin: Head of the UK Literary Division at William Morris Endeavour

A statement given to Agents Gone Wild by Rupert Tancock, a London resident:

On Sunday the 6th of May 2012, I was taking a stroll through Hyde Park when I heard a whimper and a rustle in the shrubs. I suspected it was nothing more than a dog, so I got down on one knee, pulled a Cumberland sausage from my bag and called, ‘Heeeere, boy. I have a plump sausage for you. Come on, come get the tasty treat.’ To my surprise and horror, a bald man dressed in pink knickers, waving what appeared to be an inflatable penis, leapt out at me. He grinned, said, ‘Gimme, gimme!’ and snatched the sausage right out of my hand. He was giggling like a nutter—it was truly frightening. I managed to take a photo of the madman before he skipped away. I still have nightmares about that day.

Simon Trewin, literary agent by weekday, Hyde Park Sausage Snatcher by weekend.

Stay tuned for next week's post when we feature two more literary agents. One of them could be you. . .

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